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Homeopathic treatment

Successful homeopathic treatment requires the following:

No vaccinations.

Please inform Dr. Stacey Hershman if the rabies vaccine is due. Legally, only healthy animals, free of illness, should be vaccinated. Most animals under my treatment are ill with chronic disease. Rabies is the only vaccination required by law, every 3 years after the 1st year.

Combination vaccines are not advised.

Antibody blood titers are recommended for distemper, parvo, hepatitis, lepto and lyme disease. These are blood tests which check for immunological response to the vaccines.

Give only one homeopathic remedy at a time only as instructed by Dr. Hershman.

Please do not self-prescribe or you will antidote or sabotage the treatment. If you have any questions, please email or call before giving the remedy.

Regular follow-up consultations are important for the healthy progress of your animal.

In between appointments, if you are seeing changes in your pet that concern you, please email or call and leave a progress report on the answering machine.

Heartworm preventative is recommended in high risk areas like the Southeast.

Dr. Hershman will discuss your individual pet's situation to help you decide on a course of action.

General Facts:

Since healthy animals are usually resistant to parasites, black walnut can be used in some cases to repel mosquitoes, but does not kill heartworm larvae.

In the Northeast, there is a low risk in most areas of heartworm disease but exposure is still possible. Therefore, if you choose to use black walnut instead of the preventative, your animal risks exposure to heartworm disease. Since the majority of pet dogs are negative and on monthly preventative, this lowers the risk of exposure to positive mosquitoes spreading heartworm disease.

Heartworm tests are recommended every 6-12 months depending on the individual case. Since mosquitoes are rare during wintertime in the Northeast, heartworm preventative is discontinued after December. A heartworm blood test is done in the spring before beginning preventative.

Dogs positive with heartworm disease will be treated using conventional methods.

Natural flea and tick prevention

The goal of homeopathic treatment for fleas and ticks is to strengthen your pet's immune system so they are naturally resistant to parasites.
  • To repel and kill fleas and ticks use De Flea daily to three times a week before exposure to high-risk areas. It's the best natural product I have found for ticks.

  • Use Deflea Carpet or Pet and Area Spray or Insect Growth Regulator in the environment along with sprinkling diatomaceous earth, then vacuuming to get rid of fleas naturally in your home.

  • To prevent fleas only, you can make your own spray by mixing: one ounce of lavender oil diluted into 4 ounces of water or one bottle of Halo’s Cloud Nine herbal dip diluted into one gallon of water containing many natural oils that repel and kill fleas. Apply these oils to a bandana to make a natural flea collar.

  • Healthy animals are usually resistant to fleas, whereas ticks are opportunistic and even attach themselves to healthy animals. I advise hiking on trails and avoid tick-infested woods to prevent Lyme disease.

  • Natural flea and tick products.

List of homeopathic services available by Dr. Hershman for your dog, cat or pet

Common chronic illnesses treated homeopathically

Maggie, the bull dog

"We are the loving owners of Maggie, an 8-year-old French Bulldog and former show dog.

For the 6 years we have had her, Dr. Stacey Hershman has given Maggie extraordinary care.

As you might imagine, the extremely doting owners of an exotic breed would be very careful about veterinary care. We were especially grateful to Dr. Hershman for healing Maggie with acupuncture when she slipped two discs in her back 4 years ago and suffered great pain and partial paralysis.

Stacey's holistic and natural remedies and practices are very effective and she is always mindful of the sensitivities of her patients and their owners."

Martha Sloane & Randy Hogan,
Upper Grandview, NY